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Frequently Asked Questions at The Detailing Shop

At The Detailing Shop in Newmarket, we get questions from our customers all the time. Servicing all makes and models, we have the experience to answer any of your questions. Here are some of the topics we’re asked about when it comes to our window tinting and paint protection services. Give us a call to learn more about our services.


Basically, window film is designed to reject the thermal rays that make sunlight increase the temperature. Autobahn’s window film is spectrally selective, meaning that it only lets certain wavelengths of radiation to pass through. By blocking the wavelengths that create heat and passing the ones that create natural light, our window films act as a filter that prevents interior heating without blocking the illuminating features of the sun’s rays.

Does It Have to Be Dark to Work?

It is a myth that window film has to be dark to be effective. State laws are in effect that outlaw very dark (black-out) window tinting. Autobahn™ comes in several different light transmissions – all being neutral in appearance. Autobahn™ strictly conforms to what is allowable by law.

When Do I Purchase It?

After you have purchased your car, Autobahn™ Performance Automotive Film is installed through a nationwide network of factory-trained dealers/installers. Ask your Auto Dealer about Autobahn™.

How Long Will It Last?

With proper installation by a trained Autobahn™ dealer, your window film will last for a lifetime! Autobahn™ is so sure that their film won’t peel, bubble or crack that they back their product with the best warranty in the business.

Autobahn™ Performance Automotive Film

Autobahn™ provides a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to replace any defective product for free as long as you own your vehicle. If there is a problem, just bring your car and Warranty Card to any Autobahn™ dealer from coast to coast, and it will be replaced at no charge to you.


Lifetime Warranty

“Great service, great price and lifetime warranty”

- Edward F

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