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Road Guard Paint Protection Films in Newmarket by The Detailing Shop

Every car enthusiast and driver understands how it feels when the paint of his/her vehicle chips off due to a rock or debris. No matter how hard you try you cannot avoid the inevitable. So to provide real protection for your vehicle The Detailing Shop provides Autobahn™ Road Guard paint protection films in Newmarket for all types of automobiles. Road Guard is one of the most optically clear and durable paint protection films in the market. It is a 6mil urethane providing optimal protection against rock chips, and unsightly stains caused by bugs, rain, UV, tar and more. The film completely dissolves with your paint making it nearly invisible, and it can safely be removed at any time.

Key Benefits of Installing Autobahn™ Road Guard

Autobahn™ Road Guard protection film can be installed by a certified Autobahn™ dealer like The Detailing Shop. People who are passionate about their vehicles will love how this product protects the paint and keeps their vehicles looking like new. This protection film provides many benefits to the car such as:

Excellent chemical resistance

High gloss

Eliminates rock chips

Lifetime warranty

Excellent clarity

Repels environmental damage

Stain resistant

Self-healing technology

Increases resale value

If you want to see the looks and capabilities of this protection film, check out the videos below.

Road Guard

Protect Your Paint

Install autobahn™ road guard protection film and protect your car’s paint.


Professional and Efficient

"Prompt and professional service. My tint was done very well, and I am extremely picky when it comes to my vehicle. Sean (the owner) was very nice and professional, as well as the fellow who did the tinting. No complaints."

- John B

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