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Protect your car and yourself from harmful UV rays with professional window tinting services in Newmarket by The Detailing Shop. We all know how high quantity of UV rays can damage your vehicle’s interiors and exteriors, and also your skin and eyes. Excess UV rays can ruin your seat covers (especially leather), dash, flooring and any other part exposed to it. So don’t risk damaging your car and yourself; get your vehicle’s windows tinted today with our Autobahn™ window tinting films. All the films provide protection against UV rays and also give your car a nice look. Read more about the Autobahn™ products we offer at our detailing shop.

Autobahn™ Air Ceramic

High Light Transmission plus High Performance

If you are looking for high light transmission, low reflectivity and high heat resistance, Autobahn™ Air Ceramic should be the perfect choice for your vehicle tints. Its 80 nano-ceramic technology eliminates nearly all UV radiations entering your vehicle. By installing Air Ceramic the driver will get complete protection without compromising on vision.

Technical Specifications

Product VLT VLR TSER UV Rejection
Air Ceramic 80 78% 9% 44% >99%

*VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection. TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

autobahn Air Ceramic Display Board

Autobahn™ Black

Colour-stable, Deep-dyed Film

Autobahn™ Black is made from high-quality base polyester which gives the windows a nice black appearance and comes in 7 different shades. Black is a colour-stable deep-dyed film – second to none in colour-stable dye technology on the market. So if you want to get stylish and modern blacked out look for your vehicle, Autobahn™ Black should meet your tinting needs.

Technical Specifications

ProductVLTVLRTSERUV Rejection
Black 055%6%43%>99%
Black 1515%6%42%>99%
Black 2019%6%39%>99%
Black 3031%6%36%>99%
Black 3636%6%35%>99%
Black 4042%6%34%>99%
Black 5049%6%30%>99%
Black 5656%6%29%>99%

*VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection. TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

autobahn Black Display Board

Autobahn™ Black Ceramic

Built-on Proven Nano-ceramic Dispersion Technology

Increase the protection of your windshield with built-on proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology. Autobahn™ Black ceramic offers virtually no low-angle haze present in some other ‘large particle’ dispersion films, along with a blend of type and size of ceramics to provide broad-spectrum infrared rejection. By installing this film, you’ll also get increased heat rejection and reduced glare.

Technical Specifications

ProductVLTVLRTSERUV Rejection
Black Ceramic 055%8%63%>99%
Black Ceramic 1516%8%59%>99%
Black Ceramic 2021%8%56%>99%
Black Ceramic 3031%8%55%>99%
Black Ceramic 4040%8%53%>99%
Black Ceramic 5047%8%50%>99%

*VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection. TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

autobahn Black Ceramic Display Board

Autobahn™ Ceramic i3

Perfect Blend of Performance, Durability, and Clarity

If you want to get the perfect blend of performance, durability, and clarity, then Autobahn™ Ceramic i3 is your ideal choice of tint films. It is the example of the latest innovation in Nano-ceramic technology. For excellent heat, rejection, colour, and crystal clear optics Autobahn™ Ceramic i3 multi-layer film should do the job.

Technical Specifications

ProductVLTVLRTSERIR RejectionUV Rejection
Ceramic 055%6%71%93%>99%
Ceramic 1515%7%68%93%>99%
Ceramic 2222%7%66%93%>99%
Ceramic 3333%7%62%93%>99%
Ceramic 4040%8%60%93%>99%

*VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection. TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

If you want to get your vehicle the protection it requires from harmful UV rays, contact us today for window tinting services in Newmarket.

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Best Scratch Resistance

"I’ve had 4 cars tinted here. I get the ceramic tint. It always turns out amazing. There is a cheaper option but the ceramic is scratch resistant and blocks the sun better."

- Frank L


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“Awesome work. Best place for window tint.”

- Shawn B